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In 2008, Comfil established a production facility in Romania under the name of COMFIL RO. Situated in Targu Neamt, and with ample production capacity, this facility ensures that our clients can get quality Comfil materials with minimal delivery times.

At the moment Comfil Ro manufactures thermoplastic composite yarns, rovings and fabrics. Extrusion capability for multifilament yarns was commenced in 2015 and is now fully operational covering all hotmelt variants from PP to PEEK..

Comfil Ro covers an area of 3000 m2 including offices and storage, and is fully equipped with a custom built composite production setup. Current production capacity is 3000 ton/year of commingled composite yarns and 1500 ton/year of fabrics made of commingled yarns. 

A complete press line was added to Comfil Ro in 2016, enabling continuous manufacture of thermoplastic composite sheets (organo / prepreg)

​​Comfil RO SRL

Str. Stefan Cel Mare 278A

615200 Targu Neamt


VAT NO. : RO22653043

To get a better idea of where Comfil Ro is located look down .

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