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Diaphragm forming uses sheets of reuseable silicone as a carrier for COMFIL® fabrics between a hot platen section and a forming section. The process transforms COMFIL®fabrics into parts with very low air pressure. The one side tooling remains cold, and is therefore extremely inexpensive. ​

Key Processing Points:

  • Insert COMFIL® fabrics between two silicone sheets.

  • Place the silicone/COMFIL® sandwich in the hot plate equipment until it reaches a temperature of app. 35-50 °C over the melting temperature of the matrix material).

  • Transfer the forming unit and apply positive air pressure (30 psi).

  • Demould when the part and silicone are below 50-100°C.

  • Remove silicone membranes from the part for reuse










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