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A low-pressure process that uses consolidated sheet.​

Key Processing Points:

  • Control tool temperature to the correct temperature to give the desired crystalinity.

  • Heat COMFIL® min. 25 degree C over the melting temperature of the matrix material in an oven or by contact heating.

  • Transport the molten COMFIL®  fast from the heating to the mould to prevent the matrix from cooling prior to mould closing (5 - 10 seconds).

  • Close mould fast to ensure that parts are formed prior to matrix solidification.

  • Remove part from mould after part has cooled to below 50-100°C.

  • Thermoplastic light cores can be added in the stamping (compression) process to form three-dimensional sandwich structures.

  • Surface films or textiles can be added to the part in the stamping tool to enhance surface aspect.



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