Development cases


COMFIL is a leading producer of thermoformable composites for orthotics.

As an exclusive supplier for Fillauer Dynamic Walk system, we deliver high performance material which can be customized and reshaped to each patient. All parts are made of thermoplastic commingled composites

Composite Window Frames

COMFIL commingled yarns can be used in both pultrusion and pulextrusion processes to manufacture parts with unidirectional composite reinforcement.

Commingled yarns consisting of glass and low melting polyester make for excellent combinations with PVC or other resistant polymers.

The reinforcement can be inserted on the very edges of parts during extrusion for maximum benefit of the fibers. All processes can be carried out in a single manufacturing step.

The re-enforcements are clearly visible in the picture illustrations below:

Benefits obtained from the applied pulextrusion process

✓ Cost saving one-step process

✓  Reduced energy consumption

✓ Freedom of design with the same surface finish

✓ Can be welded with reinforcement in place


Composite Car Parts

Car wheelhouse made with commingled fabric of glass and thermoplastic polyester

Simulation of lifecycle:
Dynamic test

  • Load 2,4 kN + -2,2 kN at 4 Hz
  • 2,000,000 cycles

Test results

  • Part no. 22 weight 2080 g
    No damage

  • Part no. 25 weight 1690 g
    No damage