Self-reinforced polymers


A new generation of composite materials has been developed in the last few years, where the fibers and the matrix are made from the same recyclable thermoplastic base material. This new type of composites is generally referred to as self-reinforced polymers (SRP).

The fibers used in SRP have high molecular orientation which produces improved stiffness and strength when compared to un-reinforced polymer materials. The matrix polymer has a lower melting temperature and is often amorphous. SRP composites have a much higher ductility than standard composites, which results in great energy absorption when being hit or during deformation.

Since SRP composites are made of a single polymer, they are 100% mechanically and chemically recyclable.

Comfil produces SRP composites in a wide range of forms ranging from yarns to sandwich sheets. The SRP composites are grouped by polymer families.