COMFIL process advantages

Comfil develops and produces new materials based on all combinations of thermoplastic yarns commingled together with reinforcement fiber. We also produce specialties such as texturized or steam-texturized yarns.

As we produce our materials to order, we can customize or build new combinations depending on client demands.

During the last 20 years, Comfil have participated in many European and national development programs, which you can read more about here

Our long experience in thermoplastic composites combined with a large portfolio of materials also makes Comfil a favorite partner when doing feasibility studies for thermoplastic composites with endless reinforcement. Being an agile and innovative company with a big know-how within composite processing, we can quickly screen and compare polymer-fiber combinations. Using our custom-built composite machinery, we can cover all steps in the value chain from raw resin to fully consolidated composite material ready for shaping in a short time.


  • Customized commingled yarns with chosen reinforcement and matrix fiber
  • Development of thermoplastic multifilament yarns from PP to PEEK
  • Woven fabrics with commingled yarns
  • Consolidated composite sheets for thermoshaping
  • Laboratory facilities for making prototype vacuum consolidation sheets
  • Trial pultrusion line for developing and producing custom made composite tapes
  • Unique texturizing equipment for multifilament yarns
  • Feasibility studies of thermoplastic polymer and reinforcement fiber combinations
  • Screening of thermoplastic composite properties