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COMFIL ApS was founded in 2001 by the present owners Henning Bak (Managing Director) and Hans Knudsen (Technical Director).

COMFIL's core business is development and production of thermoplastic reinforcement yarns. The yarns are manufactured in a commingling process on in-house developed machinery.  

Development work is carried out for many customers in various industrial segments such as orthopaedic, military, sports, aircraft, automotive, etc. In this respect Comfil has built up a good reputation for quality products in the composite industry.

Apart from manufacturing the yarns and fabrics,  Comfil can also supply processed materials in the form of sheets/plates. Actions are taken to also add profiles to the product range in the near future



COMFIL ApS has the following capacities:

  • Development and spinning production of thermoplastic multifilament yarns from PP to PEEK

  • Commingling capacity of approx. 3000 ton/year of composite yarn.

  • Wowen fabrics of composite yarn of approx. 1500 ton/year 

  • Plant of approx. 3000 m2 in Denmark and Romania

  • Press line for continuous sheets and laminates made from commingled composite yarn.

  • Trial pultrusion line for developing and producing custom made composite tapes

  • Unique texturizing equipment for multifilament yarns

  • Laboratory facilities for making prototype vacuum consolidation (plates).


FILLAUER INC is an exclusive customer for making  DYNAMIC WALK orthotic products

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